BCCC Nursing Program Receives $22,000 From IBX Foundation

Students in Bucks County Community College’s associate degree nursing program practice in the new nursing lab when it opened on the Newtown campus in 2019. Photo via BCCC.

Bucks County Community College’s nursing program has received a $22,000 grant from the Independence Blue Cross Foundation’s Nurses for Tomorrow scholarship program.

These funds will go directly to help cover the cost of tuition for BCCC students.

Health Sciences department Dean Dr. Constance Corrigan says this year’s award is significantly greater than last year. This means more students will get financial assistance.

“They often work in addition to going to school to support their family,” said Corrigan. “The increase in the award this year means even more students will get some assistance.”

Director of grants Dr. Patricia Smallacombe added the funds are even more important now that the pandemic is straining student’s incomes while increasing the demand for medical workers.

“We expect to have more students apply for scholarships because of the profound effect the pandemic has had on the economy. Job layoffs, business closures, and the like are affecting students’ employment outside of school.”

Smallacombe added students who receive financial support from family members are being impacted. Those family members may also be experiencing financial difficulties and could be unable to offer the same support.

The Nurses for Tomorrow scholarship program has awarded more than $13 million, according to IBX. It has benefitted 24 nursing schools and nearly 3,000 nursing students.