In another adjustment to the ongoing pandemic, Bucks County Community College is moving all its courses to the web. It joins other academic institutions making the same decision, including West Chester and Penn State.

The policy goes into effect when Spring Break ends on March 23. Currently, the plan is for this change to last through April 30.

Along with having students take classes from home, BCCC is making other changes. All athletic programs are suspended and all public events are cancelled through April 30 as well.

“We are taking a proactive lead to protect our students and our community from this unprecedented threat to public health,” said BCCC President Stephanie Shanblatt. “It was a difficult decision to make, but we strongly feel drastic measures must be taken in order to try to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

This is a big step from the college’s initial response to the coronavirus. BCCC announced earlier this week it would cancel classes Friday, Mar. 13.

The college is also closing all campuses during Spring Break for deep cleaning. While this was part of the plan released Wednesday, the plan at the time was for students to come back to clean campuses.

Importantly, the new policy applies to credit courses. All non-credit courses have been cancelled or suspended.

Staff will be working from home during this time as well. Only essential staff will be returning to campus on Mar. 23 to develop a plan for the future.