Bucks County Community College’s Lower Epstein Campus may be getting a brand new facility. College President Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt teased the project to the Bristol Township Council at their most recent meeting.

Shanblatt set the scene and explained the need for an additional building. She described a situation in Bucks with so many job openings, they struggled to train enough workers to meet demand.

Photo via Bucks County Community College.

“There are, in Bucks County, thousands of manufacturing jobs and there are a lot more openings than there are people qualified to fill those jobs. Our employers are crying for trained people.”

The new building would be “flexible” and adjust to whatever jobs are needed within the next five to ten years, according to Shanblatt. Most of the amenities would focus on trades and industry instead of traditional classroom learning.

Shanblatt detailed the facility would include classrooms and shops all under one roof. With greater capacity, the college could train more people for these open positions.

“It’s really to help the citizens get family-sustaining jobs and to help our local businesses thrive.”

BCCC will likely move forward with the land development review process within the next few months, Shanblatt said.