In the final few days of 2017, we once again start talking about our New Year resolutions and every year I wonder why? Who actually loses weight or stops smoking because they said so on New Year’s Eve? I prefer looking forward to being happier in the new year. Happiness is a goal for all humankind, don’t you think?

Which reminds me of the Grateful Movement, if we can call it that. We live in turbulent times worldwide and have life struggles, some worse than others. But if you really think about it we also have a few — or many — things to be grateful for. For starters, you’re alive.

That’s my new year resolution – be grateful for what I have and even for what I lost – as in a loved one or more. I am grateful for my family and friends and especially for the time spent with them. It’s a gift.

Oh, well, I give up. I resolve to lose weight in 2018 — and a Happy New Year to you, too!