The Eagles are off to a start unlike any NFL team, Skip Clayton, the host of WBCB 1490 AM’s Racing Wrap, will test fans knowledge on the crew he followed through the ups and downs.

‘So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Eagles Fan’ is an information stacked book with a focus on, you guessed it, the Birds. Voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese leads with a Foreward about the writer who has been a longtime friend, and attests Clayton is a “man who does his research.”

Clayton’s first Eagles game was in 1948 he went on to eventually cover the team in 1969. He grew up wanting to go watch any “ball game” he could rather than sit in a classroom.

“If I could see my English teachers today I would tell them, ‘see it paid off learning all that Phillies and Eagles stuff’,” Clayton joked during an on-air interview with WBCB.

Skip Clayton at the Fairless Hills Barns and Nobles on Oct. 27

The Philadelphia native has been a lifetime home team fan. Also a fan of Philly College sports, Clayton recently wrote the book “Philadelphia’s Big Five.”

‘So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Eagles Fan’ is broken down into four quiz-style quarters: Rookie Level, Starter Level, All-Pro Level, and Hall of Fame Level.

Clayton said his research did not begin with the book.

“I started right from the beginning, well not the beginning, I wasn’t around for their start,” Clayton noted, laughing some claim he was.

This holiday season, or for no occasion at all have fun with your Eagles knowledge with ‘So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Eagles Fan.’ With questions like Who scored the winning touchdown in the 1960 NFL Championship Game?, Who threw the longest touchdown pass in Eagles history?, or Who are the three Eagles players to lead the league in scoring?

‘So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Eagles Fan’ is sure to teach young fans and allow older ones to reminisce. The book is available on Amazon and in various bookstores.

Meet Skip Clayton and get your book signed:

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