Police are asking for the public to identify several vehicles involved in ripping up Tawanka Elementary School’s fields in late January.

Riders tear up Tawanka Elementary in late January. Photo via Crimewatch.

The drivers of a red/white dirt bike, orange quad, and a yellow quad are allegedly responsible for the damages. Some of the culprits left on these vehicles, while others hopped into a black Dodge pickup truck.

Once done their dirty work, the vehicles headed into the Oakford section and vanished. Officials say the pickup has a white arrow decal in the back window and silver tubular side steps.

It seems people ripping up dirt with their ATVs and pick up trucks messed with the wrong elementary school. If found, the Lower Southampton Township Police want to prosecute these individuals.

All were white males, while one motorist appeared smaller. Police believe he is either a juvenile or very tiny man.

This case bears similarity to an incident last March. Several ATV and dirt bike riders made¬†Ferderbar and Tawanka Elementary Schools their stomping grounds. Last year’s suspects fled from police and tore up Tawanka’s new baseball field.

The Lower Southampton Township Police want to charge this most recent group for damaging property. Anyone with information should contact them at 215.357.1235.