As Bucks Goes Green, New Cases Increase Slightly

Bucks County is nearly into the green phase of the governor’s reopen plan. But the area is seeing a small uptick in cases.

Health officials reported 23 new cases Tuesday, then 27 Wednesday, bringing the total 5,311.

This rate is nearly double what the county has seen over the past week. From June 15 to June 22, the county averaged less than 15 new positives.

However, this is still far less than the triple digit numbers Bucks saw in April. It is also only slightly higher than numbers the county reported two weeks ago.

Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker credited people traveling out of state with 10 of the recent cases.

“Multiple cases today were infected due to out-of-state travel,” said Damsker. “Unlike much of the pandemic where Southeastern Pennsylvania was a ‘hot spot,’ Bucks County now has fewer cases than many of the places people are traveling to. Please continue practicing caution when leaving the area.”

Meantime, 504 people have died of COVID in the county. More than 400 have been residents of long term care facilities.

In total, 3,333 patients have made full recoveries.