One of the great things about our country is the system of government we enjoy based on founding documents unlike any in the world. It is always a good time to reflect on the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but no time better than now with political strife off the charts.

“We the people” does not mean we the Democrats; we the Republicans; we the Left, or we the Right. We need a coming together.  There may be some who cannot get over the outcome of the last presidential election and others who simply do not love our country, but in their zeal to unseat or immobilize the president actually distorts our greatness as a nation.

Like everyone, I’m heartsick about what we saw in Charlottesville, the loss of life, the angry mobs and the blame-placing. It was a disgrace. Sadly, we can expect more protests and anti-protests and angry words about the president and also from the president.

Let’s not lose sight of the real issues affecting all Americans. Since the first days of the Trump administration, the message was clear. The last election was a mandate for change – for healthcare and tax reform (lower taxes) and an improved economy with more jobs.

No one can change the election results, but the Trump administration can be immobilized by fear in the hearts of Republicans up for election, an opposition that smells blood and the elite media. What’s the answer? The obvious is a coming together of our leaders in both parties and a fair press – for the good of the country. — PW