Roy Moore lost in deeply red Alabama – wow! I did not care, except the ongoing GOP programs/policies could use another Republican vote and we will see how important that is going forward.

Case in point, today NY’s Chuck Schumer was talking about a delay on tax reform until Jones is sworn in. Why? Stop Trump, that’s why.

In Moore’s loss, we see the president did not help or hurt, instead the allegations of sexual misconduct with teens — years ago resonated Tuesday with Alabama voters, as the Democrat mastermind, Joe Trippi, said it would.

This outcome is more about the War on Women that is raging through this nation of ours, according to feminists who believe it is being waged against them by the powerful males in the world. What is real, however, is women want and deserve respect and may have ignored harassment years ago, or made a settlement, does not make it less valuable in current political campaigns.

Recently, we have seen more than a few careers destroyed in the private and public sectors for missteps years ago. But we must acknowledge the difference between criminal behavior and other sexual harassment charges — and give everyone his or her day in court. In the Alabama election, Tuesday, Moore did not have his day in court, but the ballot box was another way of sending a message, not necessarily dispensing justice.

Lastly, congratulations to Senator-elect Doug Jones, the liberal Democrat, who said he always dreamed about a seat in the U.S. Senate as a child. Now he can serve one-term and his dream comes true. -PW