This week’s Adoptable Pets of the Week are Charlotte and Caroline!

The duo are black lab/terrier mix puppies about four months old from South Carolina. Charlotte has a white spot on her nose and Caroline is all black, but both are energetic, sociable, and get along well with everyone.

Charlotte comes in for a quick hello. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The pair came north together from Florence when the hurricane hit and shelters could not accommodate their animal residents. While Charlotte and Caroline are not yet completely house trained, their young age means there is plenty of time to learn.

Christy Garrison from the Easel Animal Rescue League says their long travels have made them very good in vehicles.

“On the car ride here they were great,” Garrison said. “We put em in the back, they sat and they chewed on their little toys and they were great in the car”.

Garrison said that Charlotte and Caroline are sisters from the same litter and would love to be part of a package deal.

If you’d like to adopt Caroline and Charlotte, or would like to see some of the other animals, stop by EASEL Animal Rescue League! They are right behind the Ewing Municipal Building at 4 Jake Garzio Drive, Ewing. Adoption hours are every day from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

WBCB’s Eli Kurtz contributed to this post.