Adoptable Pet Of The Week: Blizzard, Trident, Zephyr

(From left to right) Blizzard, Trident, and Zephyr.
Blizzard poses for the camera. Photo via Bingo’s Foundation.

It was a three-for-one special Wednesday morning in the WBCB studio, as this week’s adoptable pets are three kittens: Blizzard, Trident, and Zephyr.

While Blizzard and Zephyr are females, Trident is a male kitten with a more stoic attitude. All three took to making moves around the studio, trying to get behind the electronics and couches.

Zephyr is a tortoise patterned kitten, while Blizzard has a white and black color scheme. Trident is an all black kitten who will bring his new home nothing but good luck.

Trident sits attentively. Photo via Bingo’s Foundation.

The three kittens come from Bingo’s Foundation, a no-kill shelter located in Lower Bucks County for cats and kittens alike. For more information on Blizzard, Trident, Zephyr, or any other cat from Bingo’s Foundation, visit their website at or call 215-781-0378.