Demetrius Baker, 31, Philadelphia

An accomplice in a 2014 double-murder in Bristol Township was handed his sentence on Friday.

Demetrius Baker, 31, of Philadelphia will spend 10 to 20 years behind bars for his role in the shooting deaths of Tyrone Moss, 31, and Joshua Johnson, 29, during a robbery at Johnson’s home in the 900 block of Winder Drive.

Baker was joined by two others in the robbery-turned-murders, and testified against 28-year-old Eric Dillard, leading to his two consecutive life sentences for the murders for taking part of the shooting. The third man, Anthony King Jr., of Philadelphia – who police believe fired the fatal shots – was shot and killed in Philadelphia a few weeks following the incident.

The original plan was to rob Moss, Johnson and Lamel Duffy, 27, but things escalated to shooting after the trio entered the home, ordered the victims to lay on the floor and bound their hands with zip ties and video game controllers. The three robbers searched the house, finding $3,000 in cash and a sizable amount of marijuana, this according to Baker’s testimony.

Baker went on to say that he and King put the stole goods into his car, when he got in and started the engine. He said that King returned inside the home and then heard gunshots. Deputy District Attorney Antonetta Stancu said that King returned to the home to kill the three victims because they could identify him. She said King executed Moss and Johnson by shooting them in the head. He shot Duffy in the head as well before Dillard shot Duffy in the back with a handgun. Duffy would survive his wounds, free himself and make it to the porch of a neighbor’s home.

Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge Rea B. Boylan accepted Baker’s guilty plea and sentenced Baker to concurrent 10- to 20-year sentences for the two murders, plus a consecutive 10 years of probation for aggravated assault in Duffy’s shooting. She also ordered that he be housed separately from Dillard in prison.