The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission estimates more than 6 and a half million motorists will hit the highway for the holidays. This is a sizable increase from 2018 of about 300,000 people.

About 550,000 vehicles will take the Turnpike Thursday, Dec. 26. But watch out, Friday is tied for the busiest day of the season with more than 600,000 cars and trucks.

PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton recommends patience for anyone planning to use the road this week.

“We have added resources to address any traffic and safety concerns due to the increased holiday traffic,” said Compton. “We are prepared, and our goal is to provide our customers the best travel experience possible. We also encourage travelers to prepare by using our real-time traffic and roadway conditions online and allowing plenty of time to navigate to, and from, their holiday destinations.”

There’s good news as all construction projects and lane closures are on hold until 11 p.m. on January 1, 2020. Additionally, all HMSHost service stations along the way will offer free coffee, except Starbucks.

Estimated traffic totals for the holidays are:

  • Saturday, Dec. 21 with 530,000 vehicles;
  • Sunday, Dec. 22 with 425,000 vehicles
  • Monday, Dec. 23 with more than 600,000 vehicles;
  • Tuesday, Dec. 24 with 500,000 vehicles;
  • Wednesday, Dec. 25 with 400,000 vehicles
  • Thursday, Dec. 26 with 550,000 vehicles;
  • Friday, Dec. 27 with more than 600,000 vehicles;
  • Saturday, Dec. 28 with 545,000 vehicles;
  • Sunday, Dec. 29 with 425,00 vehicles;
  • Monday, Dec. 30 with 580,000 vehicles;
  • Tuesday, Dec. 31 with 485,000 vehicles;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 1 with 325,000 vehicles.