27 Older Adults Graduate Job Training

Older adults graduate from Free Job Skills Training, with State Rep. Perry Warren (back left) and BCCC Business Development Director Dan Loeper. Image via BCCC.

Twenty-seven older adults graduated from job training Friday afternoon after a free skills course. Held at the Morrisville Senior Center, they celebrated completing six weeks of computer training, resume building, and networking.

First announced in March, this graduation marks the beginning of new opportunities for older adults throughout Morrsiville and beyond. Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Excel Spreadsheet have only become important for many careers and jobs in recent years.

Morrisville Senior Center Executive Director Clark Shuster said these classes fit a niche. The courses help people who need a little push, but are not for retirees.

“These courses are really designed for people 55 and over who are seeking to possibly reenter the job market or advance in their own career,” Shuster told WBCB. He said people asked for a similar program before its inception. “We live in an area where folks need this service. There’s a need out there.”

Bucks County Community College helped to make these courses a reality. BCCC educators specializing in late career transitions designed the classes and taught the material.

State Rep. Perry Warren helped secure a $145,000 grant specifically for the courses. He stood with the graduates and greeted them.

While this group has completed their classwork, the next round of courses begins May 20.

Anyone looking for more information on these classes can reach out to the Morrisville Senior Center at 215-295-0567 or visit their website here.