2,500 Gallons Of Sanitizer Donated To Bucks Schools, First Repsonders

Twenty-five hundred, one-gallon containers of sanitizing solution sit ready to be distributed across Bucks County. Photo via Bucks IU.

A Lehigh County construction company has donate 2,500 gallons of sanitizer to schools and first responders throughout Bucks County.

Cityline Construction, based in Allentown, recently reached out to the Bucks County Emergency Operations Center. They offered the EPA-approved surface sanitizer, divided into 2,500 one-gallon containers.

Then, Director Emergency Services Scott Forster reached out to the Bucks County Intermediate Unit for help with transportation. Bucks IU Director of Operations Kasey Kollar coordinated with Cityline and Forster to distribute the sanitizer.

“The Bucks IU was honored to help coordinate this important countywide effort,” said Kollar. “We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Cityline Construction for their generosity in helping the first responders and school districts of Bucks County be better positioned to battle the COVID-19 virus.”

Staff from schools throughout Bucks County and the Bucks IU Safety went to Allentown Wednesday. They picked up the solution and drove it back to Bucks.

Bensalem Police officers thank City Line Construction. Photo via Bensalem PD.

The Bensalem Township Department of Public Safety thanked Cityline for its 300 gallon donation. It went to the police, fire department, and EMS.

Other first responders throughout the county received donations as well. Additionally, school districts will be able to sanitize their hallways and equipment by spraying the solution.