Bucks County high school students are being encouraged and incentivized to use a seatbelt.

TMA Bucks announced the annual “Bucks County High School Seatbelt Safety Challenge & Video PSA” during National Teen Driver Safety Week.┬áThe challenge encourages high schools to raise their student driver seat belt usage over the course of a year.

The event is an overall win win for students. Those who participate are actively making safer life style choices, and being rewarded for doing so.

“TMA Bucks is excited to get this year’s challenge under way,” TMA Bucks executive director Steve Noll said. “TMA is making potentially life-changing advancements through this program.”

The program begins with surveys of student driver seatbelt usage being forwarded to administration officials with an added invitation to participate in the challenge.

Various student groups at each school then work to actively promote seat belt usage within the student body. The groups promote seat bet use through t-shirts, posters, and school-wide announcements.

Come spring time, an unannounced follow-up survey will be conducted at each participating high schools. The school with the highest overall percentage in seatbelt use will be awarded a trophy and $500 cash grants for safety-related use by the school.

In correlation with the Seatbelt Safety Challenge, the Teen Driver Safety Video Challenge is also back. This challenge gives the students an opportunity to produce a 30-second PSA teen driver safety video. The school selected as the winner will get a $500 cash grant and their video will play on the Comcast Network.

Last year’s challenge saw 19 different high school compete. More information is available on tmabucks.com.