Pennsylvania is officially recognizing a helpline to connect locals with health and human services. The Pennsylvania State Senate passed a resolution designating Feb. 11 as “2-1-1 Day” each year.

United Way first set up the helpline in 2019. Anyone can dial 2-1-1 for free access to a myriad of services.

Chosen for the eleventh day of the second month, 2-1-1 Day aims to raise public awareness of the public help line.

United Way Bucks Director of Health Tim Philpot joined UpWords with Chris Ermer Tuesday. They discussed Pennsylvania’s first 2-1-1 Day, and what the line has to offer.

Philpot said the number is designed to be easy to remember, like 9-1-1.

“100 percent of the counties in Pennsylvania are participating in 2-1-1 for the first time,” Philpot said. “With 2-1-1 you would be connected with a resource navigator and let them know the type of help or service that you need.”

“PA 2-1-1 is celebrating 100 percent statewide coverage as of January 1st, 2020,” said state Senator Pat Browne (R-Leigh) at a rally. “Which is a remarkable achievement to have this system available to all the citizens of the Commonwealth.”