With more than 66 percent of the votes in Bucks County, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick will represent the Republican Party in November.

Fitzpatrick called in via Skye after accepting the nomination and said, “I’m actually doing the job that you are paying me to do.”

The Congressman was in Bucks County in the morning to greet voters, then in Washington D.C. by the afternoon to cast votes on legislation.

Congressman Fitzpatrick via Skype after winning the Republican primary election

“I want to thank you guys again,” Fitzpatrick addressed the room at the Republican Committee headquarters in Doylestown. “You were in the trenches, you worked the polls for 13 hours today.”

Looking ahead to November, Fitzpatrick acknowledged his upcoming opponent, Scott Wallace who is endorsed by the Bucks County Democratic Party.

“We are going to reject the far left extremism our opponent brings to this race and that he insists to bring to Bucks County…let’s hope we prevent him from bringing it to Bucks County.”

Fitzpatrick said there is an “awful lot on the line this year,” as Republicans currently hold the majority in the House. And come the general election more State Rep. seats will be on the ballot.

“The ones who were not successful, we are going to make successful,” Fitzpatrick said.

Challenger, Dean Malik ran his campaign in the 1st Congressional District primary race as a “staunch Republican.” He ran in full support of President Donald Trump and against Fitzpatrick’s independent views.

Brother of Fitzpatrick and former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick was confident in the campaign message and said prior to the results, “During these elections you get hit from the left and right…Brian is in the radical middle which is where America is and Bucks County.”

Malik did not return immediately comment on Tuesday night.

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